photomotion#3d #social #fashion

BOY LDN commissioned me to create social campaigns for the launch ‘Irredescent’ capsule collection. Taking the look and feel that the products fabric does to the eyes then turning up to 1000 creating a capsule dream dimension ; a wavey mix of futuristic and retro. Brainstorming > Storyboarding > Shooting > Editing > Retouching > 3D Modelling > Animation all complete within a 7 day timeline. Phew!

Tools: [Studio]>[Photoshop]>[Dance breaks]>[Cinema 4D] [After Effects]>[Caffiene]>[Vapourwave playlists]> [Excitement]>[Output]


BRINDLE is a Digital/Analogue Artist/Creative. Their work spans across direction, design, photography, illustration, motion, type, iconography, comms, games, 3D + code. Taking a full 360 creative approach across all channels + mediums.