print TYPE

As someone that is neurodiverse, the books theme speaks to me directly. This design uses bespoke bold geometric typography. The large shapes allow the mind to wander being open to playful interpretation, it’s possible to see a house with a roof and a person inside. Or thinking top down it may be seen as a maze with the dot as a person walking through the maze towards a goal ; a metaphor for the book series itself. Another look and they are like a children’s block game, are you a round peg in a square hole? It’s also viewable as a window pane, where the viewer is looking through into the book, a different future perhaps with the help of this guide?


BRINDLE is a Digital/Analogue Artist/Creative. Their work spans across direction, design, photography, illustration, motion, type, iconography, comms, games, 3D + code. Taking a full 360 creative approach across all channels + mediums.