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Using ‘real’ photographs with bright ‘unreal’ graphical elements creates a mixed medium textured direction blending the reality of modern medicine with the abstract emotion conjured by the virtual.

How to change career paths

Bold has always been part of the Virgin way ; the direction for content takes this approach in it’s stride.

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responsive illustration 

︎︎︎︎ Mobile: Imagery is integrated with the iconic Virgin Red.

︎ Tablet: An article on wellness combines an uplifting yellow with a hint of red. Infographics highlight useful pullout content in a visually appealing and modern way. Questions are formatted in a clear, alternating layout to break up monotonous written content.

︎ Desktop: With greater space comes the ability for increased visual complexity. Ideally these illustrations would be in live text + drawn in CSS wherever possible.


BRINDLE is a Digital/Analogue Artist/Creative. Their work spans across direction, design, photography, illustration, motion, type, iconography, comms, games, 3D + code. Taking a full 360 creative approach across all channels + mediums.