For the Change Careers Theme I've gone with a ‘game of life’ direction bringin a modern, energetic and playful take on what can be a dry and over done subject matter for online content. The bold graphic style is high fidelity, combining the playful with corporate. The article icons are designed to link abstractly with the header setting the graphical tone through out the article while also allowing room for the diverse content categories live on This cohesive visual style flows with the narrative of each individual article designed to be interchangeable in color working especially well in Virgin red while also allowing room for play within the brand. This art style was formed with animation and web vector standards in mind making web animation a breeze.


BRINDLE is a Digital/Analogue Artist/Creative. Their work spans across direction, design, photography, illustration, motion, type, iconography, comms, games, 3D + code. Taking a full 360 creative approach across all channels + mediums.